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The winter classic down JKT also has a different look with leather.


スタッフ:172 cm / 63 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: L size


The appeal of leather down is a little different from JKT down.

Leather down JKT_cowhide

This season's leather down model was introduced shortly after it arrived in other colors ,
We would also like to introduce the standard all-BK model.

Leather down JKT coordination

The BK color gives a more toned look even with the fluffy down JKT silhouette.

Also, compared to traditional down, it is a little heavier due to the all-leather outer material.
When using it on a motorcycle, this will help reduce flapping.

Leather down JKT_oil cow

Because it is designed to prevent wind from getting in from the hem in addition to being able to attach pads,
Just having one pair will improve your winter riding performance.

Leather down JKT coordination_cow leather

However, this JKT is often purchased for everyday wear.
Of course, it is also comfortable to wear as street wear.

Denim, chinos, boots, sneakers.
It's easy to match with any silhouette, so we hope you enjoy this winter while playing with your coordination.