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Please also try our unique riders.


スタッフ:172 cm / 63 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: L size


The charm of the uniquely designed riders [REP].

Original Riders_REP

This time I would like to introduce my personal favorite rider, [REP].

Cow Leather_Gray_Riders JKT

Double-breasted riders with a high stand-up collar.
Numerous pocket details, tuck roll pads on the elbows, shirring on the back,
This is a model with a more decorative design compared to authentic riders.

deformed riders

When it was released last year, the gray color disappeared quickly,
We still have stock available for you to try on in this second season.

Gray color_High neck riders JKT

The BK is also tight and cool, but
Gray is also a monotone color, so it's surprisingly easy to match.
Still, it doesn't look too casual.

High neck_Riders JKT_cowhide

Because the leather is cow leather that contains a lot of oil,
Although it has a heavy feel, it is a highly flexible leather that allows you to move easily from the beginning.

Personally, I can recommend it as everyday wear.

Leather JKT_Shirring

The back has shirring that also serves as a design accent.
By stretching this, we ensure even more maneuverability.

Original riders that can be used for motorcycles with pads attached to each part and ensure functionality.

If you are tired of the standard shape, why not consider it as your second choice?