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A leather JKT that can be worn like a long T-shirt.


スタッフ:172 cm / 63 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: M size


A leather JKT that can be used like a shirt or long T-shirt.

Pullover leather JKT

We receive a small amount every time, and it runs out quickly.
There is a leather jacket with an unusual position.

This PULLOVER RIDERS is a shirt-like JKT made from soft and light goatskin.
Although it is called a pullover, it has a zip that runs from the side to the neck, so it can be worn open or closed at the front.
A neat design with no pockets at all.

riding position

The amount of movement from the back to the arms is ensured like other JKTs. The silhouette makes it easy to show your arms.
The area around the hem is also designed to prevent stress when sitting.

leather pullover

Wear it as an outerwear in early autumn when the temperature has dropped a little.

When winter approaches and it gets cold, use it as an inner layer for mod coats , down vests, etc.

This is a JKT that you can enjoy as a shirt or a long T-shirt.