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Add a touch of color with brown suede boots.


スタッフ:172 cm / 63 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: M size / Shoes: 26cm


Brown suede boots that are easy to add color to your styling, even for adults.


For the past few years, ` `elefantas '' have been the most popular item in our boot lineup.

This season, a new color using brown suede leather has been added.

I am introducing this because it is relatively easy to use.


The suede brown leather looks a bit difficult, but
There is no problem with compatibility with denim, which many people wear when riding a motorcycle,
It goes well as an accent color with the black pants that seem to be competing at the same rate.

In addition, it is made of light brown leather that surprisingly goes well with beige pants that are often seen in chino pants...
Honestly, it seems like it would go well with anything.


These boots have a fairly simple design, but
Because of the good quality of the leather, many people are more attracted to the real thing.
The wrinkles formed by this leather quality create a three-dimensional effect,
These boots are simple but give a unique impression.


The back is accented with a YKK EXCELLA zipper that has a beautiful presence.
This is one of the features of these boots.

Especially for those who come looking for motorcycle wear, both the JKT and boots tend to be black at first.
If you're feeling a little tired of it, why not try it with boots?

This is one of my personal favorite products this season.