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Article: Repair & custom 10

Repair & custom 10

This time, we will introduce a repair that makes the sleeves longer.

One of the relatively common ways to lengthen the sleeves is to add leather to the cuffs. It looks like it has cuffs, so it's a repair with a strong custom color.

Originally, many sleeves with cuffs were loose and moderately roomy from below the elbow to the cuffs, and the tucks were folded and the cuffs were closed with a button closure to fit the wrist. Even with thick leather and voluminous cuffs, the sleeves do not feel tight around the wrist, which is related to the design of the sleeves.

The item to be repaired is a sleeve with a narrow cuff that is unique to a rider's jacket. And steer leather with a solid core. I would like to try not to overlap the leather as much as possible so that the thickness of the added leather does not cause stress around the wrist.

Therefore, the whole part of the lower sleeve that is switched under the elbow was replaced. Add the necessary dimensions for the length and cut again.

At first glance, the lower sleeves don't change, and the yamasode is a design accent with added parts. The cuffs are neatly finished.

Leather with a similar thickness and texture is selected from factory stock, so there is almost no discomfort. However, since the sleeves are not passed through, the expression is a little stiff. Where you want a natural bite.