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Article: Repair & custom 09

Repair & custom 09

A custom request sent from History, a motorcycle supply store in Hokkaido. The base is HF-DEER/EARLY SPRINTER, and the owner is Kitaguni Rider H.

Remove the piping around the neck and install a new stand collar. The newly installed stand-up collar is set at 10 centimeters at the throat. It is a size that completely covers the neck.

Cut the collar based on the designed paper pattern.

The zipper also extends to the collar, so replace it with a 10 cm longer zipper.


Installation complete.

Another custom at the same time.

With the idea of ​​Mr. H, who loves pocket watches, we will also establish a special pocket.

The small part seen in the lower left is a dedicated loop for attaching a chain extending from a pocket watch. Pockets and small loops that are there just to hold a pocket watch

It's romantic.



Please enjoy the ready-made product for a while, and then incorporate your ideas into a different way of enjoying it.

I would appreciate it if you could feel it as a jacket that makes you feel even more attached.

Even so,

It makes me so happy to see a product that has been tastefully aged and returned.