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Article: Repair & custom 08

Repair & custom 08

Continuing from the last time, we will introduce the custom collar.

Our off-the-shelf DLRJ-M1. Replace this stand collar with a shirt collar.
"I want to change the atmosphere" is a very clear reason for customers.

A decorative shirt collar for a stand-up collar with a low neckline that has a functional and simple design. Naturally, the images are completely different. .

It is a custom that can be enjoyed as a reborn new jacket.

BIKER DENIM VEST2 is a classic layering with a jacket.

At that time, I want to clean up the double collar area.

Therefore, remove the collar of the vest and apply piping with leather.

Indigo blue denim is a material that is easy to color coordinate.

The simple accent around the neck is your favorite color scheme.

Also, piping can be done after processing the shape of the neckline.

I chose a V-neck because I wanted to show off the collar of the jacket underneath the vest.

A compact collar that does not cushion the helmet is required in the riding position where the rider is pushed down to the limit.

Then, the destination is the detail seen in the racing suit.

Knit leather and Kevlar material are prepared for the stand collar that can be replaced.

Leather is used from the throat to the shoulders to make the collar stand up.

Kevlar knit is used on the back of the neck to make the helmet less stressful.

By separating the front of the collar and providing clearance, it reduces contact with the throat and chin. It's a really functional custom.