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Article: When the jacket liner is gone...


When the jacket liner is gone...

KADOYA has several models of jackets with removable liners, which are very convenient.

A typical place is...

But while it's convenient, the other thing is, ``The liner was gone before I knew it!'' ” This tends to happen.

“Don’t you just sell liners? ”

We actually receive this inquiry quite often during the season, but unfortunately KADOYA does not sell liners alone.

However, you can create new ones! !

Just make it when you run out!

jacket liner 1

It is possible to make a new one using quilting batting, which is also used for custom-made items, or Thinsulate.

Can be attached to jackets without liners! ?

jacket liner 1

``You can't attach it to a jacket that doesn't have a liner, right? ”

You might think that, but in fact, it is possible to have a custom liner installed on models that do not have a liner from the beginning.

``It's my favorite jacket, but it doesn't have a liner, so I can't wear it when it gets a little cold. . ”

For those who say so, you can also customize the jacket with a liner, so you can wear it in many different seasons!

Of course, it requires processing the main body, so it will be more expensive than making only the liner, but if you are interested, it may be worth considering.

For you to enjoy it for a long time

KADOYA sells leather jackets, but we also accept alterations and customizations so that you can wear them for a long time.

If you have lost your liner, or if you have made a new one from a paper pattern, it will cost from 15,500 yen (excluding tax).

If you are interested, please contact your nearest KADOYA store or use the inquiry form below!