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Article: Long-selling gloves from yesteryear


Long-selling gloves from yesteryear

Some people may think of this as the image of Kadoya. Introduced in 1992, it gained explosive popularity due to its unique appearance, and is still a long-selling product that continues to be sold today.

Kadoya's popular product, hammer gloves. There are reasons why products have been selling for a long time. Contrary to its hard appearance, the leather is soft and easy to operate. The metal plates on each part move smoothly without interfering with finger movement, and the thumb has a wide range of motion, making it easy to operate the turn signal. There is no padding, so it is not recommended as a mid-winter glove, but you can use it for the other three seasons without any problems. Since there is no lining, you can feel the brakes directly, allowing for delicate operation.

Fashion and trends repeat themselves. As I often say, there are many young people who are interested in these gloves, perhaps because of their novelty appearance. You were once running around wearing these gloves. Why not take a look at Hammer Gloves once again?