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Article: Subsequent AVDJ-STD


Subsequent AVDJ-STD

` `AVDJ-STD '' will be featured in the catalog starting this season as a custom-made model for directly managed stores of the KADOYA high-end line `` HEAD FACTORY '' brand that we introduced the other day.

Mr. H immediately caught my eye when the first batch of production arrived last year.

He is an air-cooled HONDA rider who first encountered KADOYA through the vintage steer AS-1VS, and now uses the N-1, which reigns as a standard winter model, and the BORDE, which has become a fantasy.

This time's choice is semi-order.
AVDJ adds a standard collar belt as an option to Custom Order 1, which adjusts sleeve length. It was completed and delivered in early November of last year.

AVD-STD about 10 months later.
It is worn not only when riding a motorcycle, but also when worn on the street, creating a unique atmosphere with the vintage steer strike and its shadow.

You may need to be a little prepared (maybe a little exaggerated...) due to the hardness and weight of the sleeves when you put them on. However, isn't it romantic to enjoy the process of losing one's core and becoming more supple over many years?

By the time the initial break-in period has passed, the weight of the leather will give you a sense of security, and the suppleness of the leather will make you feel comfortable.

It's a bit embarrassing to say that it's something that will last a lifetime, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep it with you for a lifetime as a rider's jacket that will accompany you for many years.

Perhaps the reason why I feel that way is because the riders are made at the main factory...

For those who love "leather jackets" and "motorcycles." A serious piece of clothing that you want to wear and enjoy.

``Leather jacket manufacturing'' has continued unabated in Asakusa, Tokyo, the ``place of manufacturing'', and ``each craftsman sews one garment.''
This commitment is a proud philosophy of our company, which plays a part in Japanese manufacturing.
HEAD FACTORY was born from the "skills" and "enthusiasm" cultivated by Kadoya craftsmen, as well as from the thoughts of all those who love leather jackets and motorcycles.
We continue to create clothing that can be worn by generations for many years to come, without being swayed by the trends of the times.

The texture of leather varies depending on how it is tanned. Tannin-tanned materials made from natural materials improve their texture the more they are used, and are described as having a ``shiny bottom'', but on the other hand, they have low elongation and elasticity, and are susceptible to rain and other water. Chrome tanning, on the other hand, has a texture that is not as good as tannin, but it has high tear strength and is suitable for clothing. In order to achieve both of these, "Vintage Stare" has established a "de-chrome/mixed tanning" method that involves chrome tanning, then removing half of the chromium component, and then applying tanning. From the moment you put it on, you can feel the sense of unity that spreads over your body, and the way it flexes and sits, retaining the characteristic tannin waist. It has a tasteful finish that reproduces the ancient teachings of leather to shape the habits of the body.