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Article: Speaking of winter jackets...?


Speaking of winter jackets...?

What do you imagine as a winter jacket? You probably think of various types of outerwear, such as coats, parkas, jackets, sweaters, etc. In this context, I would like to introduce KADOYA's new down product this season, DH LEATHER DOWN .

Some people may have a hard impression when they hear the word leather down, but this season's new product is available in two colors: solid black and a black-brown mixture. In this photolog, we will introduce a milder image of black-brown.

The first thing that catches your eye is probably the brown suede leather on the outside. It has an innovative design that gives off a sense of luxury while also giving a sense of warmth, and the leather padding on the elbows creates a retro atmosphere.

There are padded bags on the shoulders, elbows, and back for attaching protectors, making it fully functional as riding gear.

The hem is equipped with a storm guard to prevent wind from getting caught, which is also useful when used as street wear.

The designer used corduroy around the neck to prevent the cold leather from coming into direct contact with the skin, a smart move by the designer.

The hood is also removable, and depending on the riding position of the vehicle, I've heard some people say it's easier to ride with the hood removed...

Isn't it a big advantage to be able to choose with or without a hood according to your preference? You can choose according to your mood or suit your vehicle.

If you are able to visit the store, we would appreciate it if you could pick up the actual product and see it with your own eyes.