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Article: SHOULDER BAG-PTD Osaka shop bespoke product


SHOULDER BAG-PTD Osaka shop bespoke product

I don't remember which edition, but this season's bespoke shoulder bags are now in stock.

The main body uses HF Goat, which is the same as N-1, which has become a standard for custom-made bags.
The main zipper is injection ZIP. Do they have a unique metallic feel and a combination of goat leather that adds to their sexiness?

The solid feel of the standard vintage steer is attractive, but the light and supple finish unique to Goat is suitable for any jacket you wear.
The fit that follows your back from the beginning will reduce the stress of wearing the bag.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

SHOULDER BAG-PTD & HARNESS BELT Osaka store special order item 39,800 yen excluding tax

The harness belt, which is normally treated as an option, is sold as a set.

-----Cashless point refunds will be applied immediately-----

[Official] All KADOYA directly managed physical stores eligible for the consumer return project

The points will be discounted on the spot. Please take this opportunity.