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Article: Limited hoodie perfect for autumn


Limited hoodie perfect for autumn

It's chilly in October just wearing a leather jacket

October is finally here! !

Unlike September, when a leather jacket and T-shirt were just right, now that it's getting chilly, you might want to add an extra layer of innerwear to your T-shirt, right?

"I know that high-performance innerwear is warm, but it's a little uncomfortable even though I'm wearing a leather jacket..."

``It's not for speed, so I'd like to wear it as everyday wear! ”

Isn't there a lot of people who say that?

Anniversary year limited hoodie that we would like to recommend to such people is now in stock!

Anniversary year limited edition hoodie celebrating the 85th anniversary! !

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

85th PARKA3

KADOYA is thankfully celebrating its 85th anniversary this year! !
``Thank you so much everyone! ! ”
So why not try matching the hoodie with the limited edition logo to your innerwear?

It has a moderate thickness, so it can be used as an inner layer or outer layer for a leather jacket!

Since the fabric is thick, the hood looks three-dimensional and looks great! !

85th anniversary limited logo on the back print

85th PARKA4

How was the 85th logo created? . .

I'm sure the designer will explain it to you soon, so I'll omit it here lol
*If you are interested in the story behind the seasonal model, please click here .

With the large and conspicuous logo on the back, it looks great both when you get off the bike and take off your leather jacket, and when you wear it as everyday wear!

[KADOYA] is casually printed under the main logo, so it is a design that anyone who understands it will understand!

There's a small thing on the sleeve...

85th PARKA Sleeve Crown Patch

A small crown patch on the sleeve! !

Limited [Black x Black] is used for 85th anniversary items.

The classic tricolor is nice, but this black x black crown patch is also fresh!

Hurry up as it is produced in small quantities! !

In addition to the black color shown in the image, we also have gray color available!

Coordinating a leather jacket with a black hoodie [black x black] is nice, but the combination of [black x gray] is also great!

By the way, both colors are anniversary models, so production numbers are limited , so if you're interested, please visit our store as soon as possible! !