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Article: summer day


summer day

On Wednesday, a regular holiday, I went for a short ride to check the condition of the W650, which had undergone various maintenance.

During the day, the temperature rose to 25℃, making it a typical summer day in Fukuoka City.

At this temperature, you could choose a mesh jacket or perforated leather, but if you're going to ride in the mountains, you'll still need a rider's jacket.

Checking the weather forecast and worrying about choosing clothing is part of the fun of riding a bike.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

Lately, I don't have a particular destination, so I've been exploring roads that interest me during breaks.

Even if it's a detour, having fun is the best part of being solo.

I think the way I interact with motorcycles has changed a little since I got the W650.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

On my way back, I took Lakeside Road in Miyawaka City, but the road surface was quite rough due to construction work along the way.

Even if you are used to driving on public roads, they are not always the same every time, and various things happen as the seasons change.

I hope you all go for a run and enjoy the changes.