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Article: N-3B finished with leather


N-3B finished with leather

The other day, we introduced a deck jacket that can be used on harsh ships, and today we will introduce a historic flight jacket that was issued to the United States Air Force. This item is also sold in so many places that there is no need to explain it, and like the N-1 item, you can often find used items at second-hand clothing stores, but although the stitching and fabric may be frayed, they are still in good condition. It's exciting to see so many things that seem possible.

Luxurious N-3B finished with leather "N-3B LEATHER"

N-3B wearing ①

175cm/68kg/L size

The leather is drum-dyed (cowhide), which is flexible but has firmness, so although the leather is a little heavy, it is easy to move around in, making it ideal for everyday use. The pants I wear underneath are work pants, but you can go for a skinny rocker look, go for a harder look with leather pants, or wear soft-colored chinos or slacks for a neat look. This is the type of outerwear that you can decide on with just one piece without having to think too much about it. yes.

N-3B wearing ②

By the way, this fur has an outstanding presence, and this is real fur made from coyote, and the color is whitish yellow, giving it a luxurious feel, and the volume is quite large, making it even more luxurious.

N-3B ③

Zipper released.

N-3B ④

It will look like this when closed. With this, it doesn't seem to be a problem no matter when winter comes. If you are interested, please try it on. You can see the quality in one shot.

Well then! !