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Article: maintenance



Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
Hello, this is Harada.
The other day, I was featured in a magazine that featured changes in leather wear over time.
We received a request to feature the personal leather jackets of several Kadoya staff members.
Also, at the same time, a customer at our main store
I received an order for a 2-piece racing suit and wanted to show it to you as a sample.
It's been a few years since I pulled these pants out of my storage bag.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
These pants were originally a two-piece racing suit with a removable top and underwear.
I ordered this myself about 10 years ago to participate in my first vintage bike race.
After that, I wore it for about 7 years and it worked very well, but after that
With four teammates from the racing team
By creating a new matching racing suit,
This first generation has decided to retire from active service.
Was it a vintage motocross race last worn? Or
It was probably an on-road short course, but it was almost maintenance-free.
I think it was handled roughly after being thrown into a bag after being worn.
I try to unzip the bag with trepidation. .
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
It's been a long time since we met
Regardless of worries, let dirt be
There was no mold or anything, and the leather was in good condition.
Oh, so nostalgic
This guy is always cool when I see him~
After just immersing myself in the scenery and memories for a while,
To lend it to magazine publishers or have it viewed by customers in stores.
Brush away dirt quickly so as not to be rude.
Check for damage such as frayed threads.
Oil up is slightly done partially
That's all, it takes 5 minutes
Maintenance completed.
I joined Kadoya
Ever since I became involved in manufacturing as a craftsman
Development samples and self-order items that I worked on are
I consciously do very little maintenance.
The leather in our main factory product lineup is
In order to know the actual nature of
in terms of durability test
Unless a major accident occurs
Just keep wearing it without any special maintenance.
Surface (grain surface) strength, texture, cracks and hardening due to dryness, etc.
As a creator, I believe that the information you can learn by leaving things alone is important.
However, for customers
After all, it's an expensive leather jacket that I acquired.
Check the condition of the leather regularly
We recommend that you take care of it according to the situation.
We craftsmen
Selection of materials suitable for rider wear, comfort, strength balance in terms of sewing, etc.
So that our customers can continue to wear our products for a long time with peace of mind.
Naturally, we pay close attention to every aspect of each item, and finish each product one by one.
Whether it can become a lifelong thing or not
After all, a big difference will depend on how the product is handled after it reaches the customer.
The best thing is that you keep wearing it.
Even when I don't wear it for a while
During the humid rainy season
Sometimes I dry it in the shade with good ventilation.
You can prevent mold from forming by simply dusting.
In the dry winter, etc.
If you can lightly oil it once at the beginning of the season,
It can prevent hardening and deterioration due to drying.
me as a user
Leather shoes, gloves, etc. made by other companies that you own
Maintain it very carefully
Can be used for a long time
While using it in rotation
We are maintaining the condition.
The longest relationship is
With the boots I got new when I was 18.
It's been 28 years since then.
Condition is also good
I still continue to wear them.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets