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Article: Leather jackets are not cold


Leather jackets are not cold

There are only a few days left this year, and even though it's the end of November, there are still days when the temperature exceeds 20 degrees...

The weather is perfect for wearing leather jackets, and while this is a great experience for those who love leather jackets, it's hard to keep up with it. The real cold of winter will soon be upon us. It's a tough season for bikers.

If you work in this industry for a living, you'll often hear people say, ``Leather jackets aren't specifically designed to protect you from the cold, and in the winter, people use nylon jackets.''

However, there are leather jackets that are warm, durable, and can be grown to suit your taste. How would you feel if you were told that?

This DE-MOD jacket is made from goatskin and has warmth, durability, softness, and lightness.

The lining is quilted with 120g of Thinsulate High Loft, making this a luxurious jacket that not only retains heat but also improves comfort.

Boas are sewn into the cuffs to neatly fill in the gaps around the wrists. I hate the attention to detail.

There are fine grains on the surface of the jacket, creating a calm and mature atmosphere.

How about running through the cold, clear winter air wearing a warm leather jacket?