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Article: Leather riding jacket with the atmosphere of riders


Leather riding jacket with the atmosphere of riders

Following BRAWLER PANTS , this time we have a companion jacket,
Introducing BRAWLER .

A model that incorporates KADOYA's rider style into a riding jacket [BRAWLER]

LEATHER RIDING JACKET & PANTS The base shape is a semi-double rider with a stand collar and double breasts.

An external pad is attached to this, and a thick urethane pad is standard inside.

riding jacket/side

The external pad is a ZIP attachment type, and the urethane pad can be attached and detached from the outside.
ZIP uses YKK METALUXE . This is a resin-type ZIP with a metal feel, and while it creates a metal feel typical of riders, it is less likely to damage motorcycles, etc., and is increasingly being used in jackets these days.

Riding jacket/upper back Equipped with a spine pad on the back.
It is also possible to replace both the shoulders and elbows with ` `CE LEVEL 2 '' pads, which are sold separately.

Riding jacket/back hem The back hem is rounded and slightly elongated, which is often seen on our riders.
Although it is thin, we also have a sponge.

Riding jacket/neckline A semi-double x leather, riders x riding jacket with a design that was unlikely to exist!

While the design is reminiscent of past KADOYA hard padded riders,
The silhouette and details have been refined to a modern design.

The leather is also quite flexible, so it's very easy to wear from the beginning.

Be sure to check out KADOYA's unique designs in person!