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Article: LANIUS



Although the weather continues to be unstable, with rain, high humidity, and high temperatures, new AW products are arriving one after another! Today, we will be introducing our new boots.

Lanius worn①

lanius (BLACK/WHITE)

High-cut boots that are the successor to the LEATHER HIGH SNEAKER. We have changed from a cemented manufacturing method to a Goodyear welt manufacturing method while retaining the soft leather quality. Not only can you use it for everyday use, but you can also use it on your bike.

Lanius worn ②

Lanius worn ③

The sole is made of white Viblam. Although it has a classic impression, the white color creates a balance that is not too rugged. Also, as shown in the image, the shaft is thin, so you can wear the boots out even with slim pants.

Lanius worn ④

lanius (BLACK/BLACK)

This one has a black sole. Pairing it with black pants creates a sense of unity and makes it look neat. As the leather becomes accustomed to the wearer's feet, it wrinkles to match the wearer's feet and becomes extremely soft.I would like you to experience it for yourself.

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