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Article: holidays in november


holidays in november

Hello, this is Fukano, representative of Kadoya Co., Ltd.
On a personal note, I actually really like participating in motorcycle races, so I recently participated in the TASTE OF TSUKUBA held at the Tsukuba Circuit in Ibaraki Prefecture on November 5th.

Mainly steel frame vehicles that have had an unchanging relationship with motorcycles since ancient times, and vehicles manufactured in the 1980s when various manufacturers competed against each other, have transcended time and are still loved passionately by their owners. It's a race where you run on the circuit while still active.

[DOBARZERO-3], which I am entering, is a class in which vehicles produced up to the 1980s with a displacement of up to 850cc can participate.
It has been a year since the last time, and this is my 9th entry since 2017.
Perhaps because the number of entries was small, we managed to finish in the top every time, finishing in 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.
Normally, I would practice a lot before a race, build up my physical strength, and hope to be in perfect condition, but it always ends up being the real race.

However, the reason I am able to participate in the race with peace of mind is due to the tremendous support of President Tago of Bull Docker TAGOS in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture, who has taken care of the GSX-R from the production of the vehicle to the present day.

My vehicle is a GSX-R750 (1988 model) equipped with a GSX-R750RK (1989 model) engine, and I have customized the suspension, intake and exhaust, and electrical system.
This time, in order to increase its combat power, the engine was scaled up by SANTA BIKE in Oita Prefecture.
I will practice on Friday and practice on Saturday, getting my bike and body used to the Tsukuba Circuit for the first time in a while.

And finally, Sunday is the real race.
On the day of the race, Tago-san, the manufacturers who are helping with the production of the vehicles, and friends and acquaintances who came to help out early in the morning carried the bikes to the course, and the qualifying session started.
The final grid will be determined by running through the course in a short time of 15 minutes.

Although I wasn't quite used to riding a bike, I was able to ride calmly during qualifying, and I was close to my personal best time, which was the fastest time up until the middle, but after that, I was able to finish qualifying with a good second time. Ta.

And before the finals in the afternoon, our pattern maker Ushisaka, who was competing in a different class, took home the victory.

Then, as the time for the ZERO3 class final approached, I and my friends completed the start and formation laps and headed to the starting grid.

The signal lights up red, then goes out a few seconds later and the race begins.

He got off to a good start and entered the first corner in the lead, and normally he would be passed by the following cars on the first or second lap, but this time, thanks to the more powerful engine and suspension, he stayed in the lead until the seventh lap. I ran.

However, on lap 8, he was finally overtaken by a yellow Ducati on the backstretch. Immediately after that, there was a fall at the rear, the red flag was waved (the race was stopped), and the car returned to pit road.

At that time, I thought I would finish the race in 2nd place because I had completed more than the number of laps required for the race, but the ranking at the end of the 7th lap became the final result, and to my surprise, I was declared the winner.

Regardless of the form, it was my first win since I started competing. I was able to climb to the highest point on the podium for the first time, and my honest impression was, ``It feels so good, thank you everyone.''

I put on my KADOYA jumpsuit, participated in a race with my favorite friends on my favorite bike, and won. It was the best holiday ever. We would like to promote products that have helped us through that day.


A hidden classic that has been on sale since the 80's. Many players of the time used these boots, and unlike the recent boots made of resin parts, these boots are recommended for their safety and ease of operation, even though they are simple to the bare minimum. In particular, unlike boots worn on the street, there is no welt part, so they are perfect for sports driving that involves shifting and delicate rear brakes.
There was a long out-of-stock period, but now we have it in stock.

You can watch the race from the YouTube Live archive, so if you're interested, please take a look.

Starting this weekend, we will be exhibiting race vehicles on the 1st floor of the KADOYA Tokyo main store, so please come and see us when you visit.

Bull Docker TAGOSTago
SANTA BIKE Ando-san/Atsushi-san/Fairy-san
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