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Article: Popular with HF products and orders, aging of vintage steers.


Popular with HF products and orders, aging of vintage steers.

The aging of vintage steer, one of the leathers we use for orders.

Custom made_leather jacket_change over time

Head Factory is the top of our range of products.

Mainly used in this JKT and bag,
It is also a popular material for custom-made orders.
I would like to introduce the changes in vintage steers over time.

Custom made_Leather jacket_Aging_Sleeves_Wrinkles

This JKT has been worn for a little over 10 years,
A semi-customized JKT based on our product BONNY-0 .
We also use Vintage Steer for ready-made leather products, and this order JKT follows suit.

The most obvious change is probably the sleeves.
Wavy wrinkles that resemble bellows or suspension are formed,
The sleeves, which were flat when hanging, will become three-dimensional.

Custom made_Leather jacket_Aging_Sleeves_Wrinkles

If you have picked it up at a store, you probably already know this.
The leather is so hard that you don't often see it in regular clothing.
It changes to the softness that you can squeeze.

By the time you get used to it, it will become one of the JKTs you can't let go of.

Custom made_Leather jacket_Ageing_Hem_Wrinkles

The unique dull luster is also a characteristic of vintage steering.
Dyes are the main ingredient in leather dyeing itself.
By using dye instead of pigment spraying, we achieve a finish that takes advantage of the surface and texture of the leather.
This is difficult to do unless you are confident in the quality of the hide.
By spraying a clear pigment on the finish, we create a unique texture with depth even though it is black.

On a different note, the hem of the body folds when leaning forward on a bike, so there are large wrinkles near the bottom of the pockets.

Custom made_Leather jacket_Ageing_ZIP

We use nickel plated ZIP parts, but some parts of this also become dull and bronze in color over time.

It is a part that needs to be replaced when it is damaged, but even after 10 years it has not broken easily.

Custom made_Leather jacket_Aging_Sleeves_Wrinkles

The area near the cuffs is also folded, so wrinkles may form.
The edges of both the cuffs and hem are rubbed and the color has changed slightly.

Custom made_Leather jacket_Aging_KADOYA_HEAD FACTORY

Thick leather, just the right size leather JKT,
No flapping when riding a motorcycle,
There is also the functional benefit of being surrounded by a sense of security.

Focusing on the BONNY-0 that became the base,
Head Factory's ready-made products are also available in stock at stores.

Due to the delivery time for semi-order and full order,
I believe this will be a request for the next season.

If you are even slightly attracted to the charm of leather, why not consider one of our top range products as your next product?
We are sure that you will be able to enjoy the even more profound world of leather products.