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Article: Fukuoka store exterior wall construction has started


Fukuoka store exterior wall construction has started

The directly managed store is currently closed for the summer, but the exterior wall construction of the Fukuoka store has started today.

We are planning to remove the old signboard and reborn with a new design signboard and appearance.

The shop will change from the neighbors while working! ? I received a voice of concern (laughs)

After opening in April 2003, it underwent a small renewal in 2008, and this year marks its 20th year, so the exterior has undergone a major change.

Thank you for your continued support as the only Kadoya directly managed store in Kyushu!

So, from 8/18 (Thursday), there is no signboard at the moment due to exterior wall construction, but we are open as usual.

We apologize for any inconvenience during the construction, but we look forward to your visit.

We are currently looking for staff to connect customers and leather jackets.