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Coins to where?


Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

When I went out on the emergency stairs at the main factory during my break, it was sunny almost every day! !

Last week, the end of the rainy season in June was announced for the first time in observation history in the Kanto region.
It looks like summer is finally here.

The number of times you put coins into the vending machine will naturally increase...

Now, how do you carry around the coins you use every day?

In my case, it swells up when I put it in my wallet.
If you sit down with it in your pants' back pocket, you're worried about it interfering with your cards.

Then, if you put it directly into the front pocket of your pants, it won't fit properly and will make a jingling noise...

Therefore, I use a coin case to carry around coins.

At the time of checkout, I have to take it out in addition to my wallet, so even if I have to be a little slow in front of the cash register.
It's comfortable once you get used to it.

I lost my coin case, which is a must-have item, the other day...

I tend to lose a lot of things on the way home from drinking, but how many coin cases have I lost?

Because of this, I decided not to buy a new one right away and will just have to make do with my pocket for a while...

A coin pocket is mainly found in the right front pocket of jeans.

It was surprisingly difficult to take out, so I almost never used it, but now that I don't have a coin purse.
I find it very useful.

It doesn't seem to fall off unless you do a handstand, and it has a flap like a rider's jacket.
I feel safe when it's on.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

However, not all clothes have coin pockets...

So one day I was just carrying it in my front pocket.

After finishing lunch, the 300 yen change I got at the restaurant was gone...

yeah? ! why? ? I started asking myself questions in circles.

・I thought I got change (no, no, I should have put it in my pocket...)
・Did you have a hole in your pocket? Or you dropped it (there is no hole and you should notice it by the sound...)
·that? ! theft? (Who did it and how...?)
・Did you use it after that? (I never use it!!)
·dream··? (No way...) etc.

There was no end to it, so I just said, "Okay..."

After that, I went home still wondering, ``Where on earth did the three 100 yen coins go?''

As I was changing into my loungewear, thinking about trying a jump at the end, I heard "Charlene♪"

"There..." It was an unexpected place.

There was a depth of several centimeters from the bottom of the bag material in the front pocket to the back.

This is what it looks like from the inside.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

While I was sitting there, the coin fell into that spot and settled perfectly.

These are second-hand pants I bought a few months ago, but they had a gimmick that I didn't notice when I put my hand in their pocket.
Specifications that cannot be seen at first glance.

I was able to fuck her beautifully, but I felt like I had gained something.

Why is it that even a single hidden pocket is somehow exciting?

A glimpse of playfulness. I think this is one of the most important points in manufacturing.