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Article: A light outfit recommended for early spring


A light outfit recommended for early spring

If you have time to run all day, such as touring, you can also run through the city without hesitation.
"It's sunny today and I want to go out on a bike for a while."
At times like that, I pick up light and easy-to-wear riders.

The MID RIDERS this time uses sheep, so it's supple and smooth! And light! !
So it's highly recommended for early spring like this when you want to run lightly.

In addition, the lining is stretchy, and the combination of shirring around the elbow and the lining material makes it easy to move.
When I run hard, I make it so that I can wear an inner with a protector.
(*Please note that there is no pad pocket etc.)

Various bike scenes, and also for everyday wear.
It is light and easy to mix and match.