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Article: Cup pants that can be booted in, but can they be booted out? !


Cup pants that can be booted in, but can they be booted out? !

This year's new leather pants are type 1.

So-called cup pants . These riding pants come standard with our current standard pad "CE LEVEL 2" knee pads and sponge on the waist.

Cup pants compatible with both boots in and out [BRAWLER PANTS]

boots in cup pants [ BRAWLER ] has a design that combines the current and past KADOYA lineups.

The BRAWLER PANTS introduced this time are the result of this combination.

The silhouette is a little more like a bootcut , but you can wear it with boots as shown in the image.

Boots in cup pants, back side The reason is that the back is made of stretch nylon from above the knee.

It's not too hard to fold inside the boot! !

boot out cup pants Of course, there is no problem with booting out .

Can accommodate boots of various diameters.

Boot out cup pants ② We apologize for the long wait for customers who wanted to enjoy both boots in and boots out.
These are riding pants that are compatible with both!

KADOYA original cup pants with zip and switching accents.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets You can wear it in combination with BRAWLER or with other riders! Leather pants.

The silhouette is a little tighter than other KADOYA pants.
I'm usually 30 inches, so size M was a little tight for me.

On the other hand, there is no S size available, but I don't think the 28 inch size is bad for the M size.

How about it with a jacket?