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Article: Bags that can be ordered.


Bags that can be ordered.

The extremely popular HFG-BAG series can also be ordered.

Waist bag attached to a bike

BAG is often essential when riding a motorcycle.
Above all, the HFG BAG series is the most popular at KADOYA, and we apologize for the inconvenience this season, as there are many times when we are out of stock in stores.

KADOYA_waist bag_custom

I mainly use this waist bag ...

Head Factory_waist bag

Metal fittings that originally use gold...

Head Factory_waist bag

I have been using the one that was changed to nickel (silver color) for a long time.

KADOYA allows for repairs and customization later,
The HFG Shoulder BAG and this Waist BAG can be made to order by selecting the parts for the bag product price plus 16,500 yen (tax included)!

Head Factory_BAG series

There are a wide variety of parts to choose from, including the leather for the main body and metal fittings.
You can make a colored leather bag, or customize just the metal fittings like I did...
Delivery takes approximately 3 months, so if you would like to consider this, please contact our directly managed store.