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Article: After that, AW-1VS...


After that, AW-1VS...

Introducing the awkwardness of the second `` AW-1VS '', which is the pinnacle of American Double and his personal property, completely different from the ` `subsequent AVDJ-STD '' owned by the customer at the Osaka store mentioned above...

February 2023.
The vintage steer double rider "AW-1VS" has been renewed for 15 years.

The first generation AW-1VS was an AW-1 sold as an American series made by the head office factory by "THE HEAD FACTORY" (later HEAD FACTORY), which has been developing the brand since 2003.
This is the first model of Vintage Steer, which was later changed to Type 2 and underwent minor changes.

At that time, it was the heyday of extremely hard steering,

“It’s good because it’s easy to wear, but I think it gets used to it a little too quickly.”

It was a time when it was said that

It's been over 6 months since the new one.

``Vintage steers are great, to put it in an extreme sense, they are something that you can enjoy as they become more familiar with each season.''

Even though I say this, I would like to introduce you to something that you may not be familiar with...

Hmm. Are there slight wrinkles on the sleeves?

As expected, it's a bad idea to compare it with a 15-year-old model...If so, compare it with the stock model that just arrived.

Hmm... Has it lost some of its firmness? Well, the current situation is reality.

This year I was in a rush with the move from Higashiosaka City to Kadoma City (excuse me...), and next year I'm sure it'll be even more hectic with the move from Kadoma City to Asahi Ward, Osaka City , so this season should be my chance to recover. Is it?

The early AW-1VS, which has been heavily used since February 2009,
The current AW-1VS has been spoiled since February 2023.
And the AW-1VS, which has arrived in store for the first time in a while.

We now have an opportunity to compare and consider various options.

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