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Article: Recommended for short touring on sunny autumn days.


Recommended for short touring on sunny autumn days.

This time we went on a short touring trip blessed with clear autumn weather.
I went to Mie Prefecture, which is well known for the Suzuka Circuit.
Early in the morning, we met at Kadoya Nagoya store.

⇒Go south along the Shonai River ⇒Run west on R23 ⇒Morning in Suzuka City ⇒Winding at Suzuka Skyline

It was a pleasant winding ride where you could feel the coolness of early autumn on your skin.

⇒ Lunch at R23's tuna restaurant ⇒ Bike shrine in Kuwana City (I was on my way home...)

Edo letter T, which is becoming standard at tuna restaurants
A touring member said kind words (cries): “This will be an advertisement!”

Nice, nice♪

Let's go next time!

Well, it's fun to ride a bike even if you don't have to worry about it.
The real pleasure is touring overnight, but
How about a leisurely short tour once in a while?