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Article: Ad9R-STD



Ad9R-STD ” has also started appearing in catalogs this season.

The existing `` Ad9R '' position as a bespoke model for directly managed stores will not change.

From the base model, the outer leather on the shoulders and elbows has been eliminated, the front zipper has been changed from exposing bugs to hiding bugs, and the side pockets have been changed to vertical pockets with double bead edges.
As with AVDJ-STD, we wanted a standard look.

It is the simplest rider's jacket in the current Head Factory lineup, and it can be said that the wearer has the initiative in styling.

A standard and simple rider's jacket can be dyed to your own color, and can be enjoyed for a wide range of purposes, from perfect riding to casual street wear.

The leather used for the main body is oiled vintage steer, which is well-regarded in the base model. Steerhide has a moderate amount of suppleness from the first time you put it on, and it takes a very balanced amount of time to adapt to your body.

The basic design is the same as the base model, and only the details have changed.
Therefore, the presence of leather is important.

We want you to enjoy the various stylings you envision by wearing a rider's jacket made of combination-tanned leather that is tasteful and expressive.

The base is a combination tanning that contains a lot of natural tannins like VINTAGE STEER.
By adding a small amount of chrome tanning agent to the taste of astringent tanned leather, which is rich in plasticity, it increases flexibility and physical property fastness. Furthermore, the appropriate amount of oil is permeated, and combined with the aniline dye finish on the surface, it expresses a unique taste with more transparency and slippery.