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Article: AD9R-STD



Standard single riders that appeared as a bespoke model at directly managed stores at the same time as AVDJ-STD. This is a special specification created by the unity of directly managed stores and the main factory.

Based on the genuine model Ad9R, the front zipper is hidden. At the same time as changing the angle of the pockets on both sides, the finish was changed to beaded edges on both sides.

As a standard single rider, the head factory design pattern has a simple structure but carefully considers the riding position.

No matter the style or position of your motorcycle, you will be surrounded by a sense of unity.

The outer leather reinforcement pads on the shoulders and elbows, which were included in the genuine model, have been removed.

By reducing exposure of the metal parts of the front and pocket zip fasteners

Ad9R-STD has a simple yet necessary and sufficient appearance.

Which style do you wear and what does your back say?

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

We have already received a lot of reservations, so it will probably take a little more time for it to be in stock in stores. Please contact each directly managed store.