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Article: Introducing casual riders that are easy to use with leather jackets!


Introducing casual riders that are easy to use with leather jackets!

The other day, I wrote about the new Double Riders [TOURUS] and my thoughts on Double Riders in this article , but I'm going to write about the new product again.

One of our new attempts this year is this leather jacket!

Easy to use with leather jacket coordination! [MID RIDERS LONG]

Leather jacket [MID RIDERS LONG]
These are riders from the new brand [ALTER KEIS] that started this season.

ALTERNATIVE / Taking on the challenge of a new biker's style, Kadoya, which was founded as a leather clothing manufacturer and has been working with motorcycle culture, will once again fuse the worlds of motorcycles and fashion for the present and future eras. A group of products that are fashion conscious while maintaining the functionality and athleticism that is achieved through the know-how of making riding wear. Make your bike look more casual and free. Add the coolness and texture of a motorcycle to your everyday outfit. A product lineup created with avant-garde ideas while following Kadoya's history.

While following the know-how that KADOYA has cultivated up until now, the lineup is easier to wear and blends into everyday coordination.

One of the leather jackets that appeared in the first series is this [MID RIDERS LONG].

Made of sheep leather, it is easy to mix and match with a leather jacket for everyday wear.

Leather jacket [TOURUS]

MID RIDERS LONG also has a unique switching of the back body. Although it is called "LONG", it is not extremely long like a coat, but is about mid-length, hitting the hips a little.

This time, as [authentic bike wear], we use [ sheep leather ], which has low strength and has been banned from KADOYA for a while.

If you know anything about leather products, you probably know this, but the comfort of this sheep is hard to describe.

This time, we prioritized comfort and ended up releasing a sheep leather jacket.

Leather jacket [TOURUS]

In addition, the shoulder part has a unique switching, and the elbows have a wide range of shirring (bellow-shaped switching).

This can be used as a design accent, but it also has the functionality of being able to stretch and be easy to wear even with the padding inside, as it is intended to be worn with padded innerwear.

Sheep leather has low strength, so be careful if you are looking for clothing that will be worn hard!

Leather jacket [MID RIDERS LONG]③

Sheep leather is quite soft and easy to wear, but be careful of its low strength !
Compared to conventional KADOYA products, cowhide models, etc., the strength is inferior.
The risk of tearing or scratching is higher than the previous model if it is handled very harshly, so I think it is better positioned as ``everyday wear and street riding''.

If you are looking for a jacket that will be used extensively during touring, such as ``Touring hard and long distances even in the rain!'', I think it would be better to consider other models.

Enjoy coordinating your leather jacket with this new style model!

Leather jacket [MID RIDERS LONG]

Having said that, this comfort is quite addictive...

If you are looking for something easy to wear for everyday wear, try wearing it through the sleeves!

I'm sure you'll want to go home...