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Article: A bag that bikers want to carry


A bag that bikers want to carry

Thank you to everyone who is viewing this page. 2024 has begun, and January has come to a hectic end... It would be great if everyone could watch over us with warmer eyes this year as well. Today I would like to introduce a standard bag that I have introduced many times in the past, but as the title suggests, I would like to introduce a bag that bikers want to carry.

HFG/Shoulder bag-PTD①

HFG/shoulder bag-PTD②

HFG/shoulder bag-PTD

A luxurious shoulder bag made from vintage steer. The front has a design with diamond stitching that is popular among bikers. In addition, the buttons on the front will wear down with use and give off a dull luster, allowing you to enjoy aging along with the leather. Of course, leather has a firm texture at first, but it gradually becomes more flexible and undergoes changes over time that cannot be experienced immediately when it is new.

HFG/shoulder bag-PTD③

This is a belt for HFG/shoulder bag belt (sold separately). The bag itself can be used without this belt, but when riding a bike, it may slip off and the bag may come from behind to the front and get in the way, so this is a support item for that purpose. . The leather quality is the same vintage steer.

HFG/Shoulder bag-PTD④

Like this, pass it through the armpit from the metal fittings at the bottom of the bag and bring it to the front.

HFG/Shoulder bag-PTD⑤

It will be fixed like this. By the way, there are two metal fittings, so you can fix it on either the left or right side, so use whatever you like.

When you get off the bike, you can connect it in two places like this so it won't get in the way. This is a popular item, so if you see it in a store, be sure to try it on.

Well then! !