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Article: Spring/Summer 2023 new arrivals & restocks, reservations have started.


Spring/Summer 2023 new arrivals & restocks, reservations have started.

Pre-orders are now open for products arriving this spring!

It's still a cold February in Sendai with some snowfall, but just the other day we've started publishing and pre-ordering new and restocked products that will arrive this spring.

In recent years, popular items are quickly booked up.
We have already started receiving reservation requests over the phone at our Sendai store.
If things continue like this, we're starting to see a few products that are likely to run out of free stock in stores...

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce some products that are likely to become popular.
If there is a product you are interested in, please contact the store as soon as possible!

New punching products and new colors added to last year's popular products.

First up is the new perforated leather, which is another new leather hoodie, the perforated leather based on RIDERS PARKA , which will be released at the same time.


RED is a punching limited color, but it's a summery color and is a popular color every time...!
There aren't many in stock, so it's likely to be fully booked by reservation only.

Although it is the same punching leather, new gloves have also been added!
This is a new punching glove based on ROX GLOVE , which is likely to become a new standard.


The previous model had a limited edition of the combination color, but it sold out immediately, so I think it will be popular this time as well.

In addition, ROUND ZIP ANORAK and RIDERS COACH JACKET , which were quickly out of stock last year, will be re-produced this year, but their new colors are currently attracting attention.



The blue-gray color is cool and easy to use.
We have already received inquiries and we are sure it will be popular again this year!

At our Sendai store, we accept consultations including size.
Although it is not yet in stock, we look forward to hearing from you soon.