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Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
ZIP with two sliders. Also called a reverse zipper.
Closed types with fixed ends are mainly used for bags and suitcases.
On the other hand, the open type allows you to separate the left and right zips, making it easy to put on and take off.
Used in jackets and coats.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
So, why use Reverse ZIP?
If you are looking for ease of putting on and taking off, you should be fine with just one slider.
The W slider is said to have its origins in swing top golf wear.
By the way, this "swing top" that you often hear was named by the president of "VAN".
It is surprising that it is actually Japanese English. I see... "Swing!?"
The reason I used the reverse zip was because I was wearing a golf blouson when I was bending down to putter.
This is because the swelling around the waist gets in the way.
Therefore, by pulling the slider at the bottom of the reverse ZIP upwards, the hem opens and the bagginess is released to the left and right.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
I don't play golf, but this feature is revolutionary.
For someone like me who was originally not good at this dubbing that comes out when I sit or bite.
A jacket that uses a reverse zip was a shocking encounter.
This was about 20 years ago...
Since then, reverse-opening ZIP has become my favorite food.
Reduction of thrusting that occurs when sitting or riding a bike.
When you want to trim your toilet or waist area, when mountain biking, etc.
It can be adjusted according to the situation, and today it is very useful in everyday life.
In the first place, this function is not necessary if you use a short jacket or separate the left and right zips.
This is effective for long jackets and jackets with tight hems.
In addition, even if this function is necessary, some people avoid it because it is difficult to open and close.
I think there are many
If the two sliders lowered to the bottom remain tightly attached
Can be opened and closed smoothly.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
If you try to forcefully open or close the door while it is not in this state, you may find it difficult to use or cause damage.
However, once you get used to it, there is no problem.
Reverse-opening ZIP, which has recently been used as a fashion item
It's a shame when I see something that is originally functional but has a strong decorative image.
On the other hand, when making a custom-made product, please consider the riding position when making a selection.
You will feel happy when you see it.
Now, I've been saying that I don't like baggy areas around my waist.
If you drink too much beer and your belly is swollen, leave the bottom slider down.
Is this one of the palliative tricks? ?