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Article: A small amount of out-of-stock standard summer gloves now in stock.


A small amount of out-of-stock standard summer gloves now in stock.

When summer comes, we often hear people say, "It's hotter than last year."
I also said it as if it were obvious, but I thought about it calmly and wondered, ``Is it really true?''
You don't actually remember how hot it was last year, do you? and….

I couldn't stop myself from looking into it because I was curious about it. but….
Compared to when I was an elementary school student, the average temperature in August has risen by about 3℃!
As everyone says, it's on the rise. This is an average increase...!

That's why I want to be careful about heat stroke and heat sag while riding a bike.
A small amount of the summer staple gloves, which have not been produced for a long time due to various reasons, are now in stock!

punching gloves

Punched based on KADOYA standard gloves,
A classic summer glove.
Production has been suspended due to various influences,
We now have a small quantity of black only in stock.

punching gloves 2

The soft and comfortable cowhide leather has been punched on the instep side.
Even in this intense heat, you can feel the air flowing in while driving.

The perforated leather is comfortable and will take on the shape of your own fist after one season of wear.

punching gloves 3

You can check the fit at the store.