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Article: This is a popular summer bike wear.

パンチングレザー_PL-SW SS

This is a popular summer bike wear.

``Punched leather'', a staple of summer bike wear, is now in stock.

perforated leather jacket

The remanufactured punching leather has been shipped all at once.

Although it's still cold, summer items are now available in store.

Is punching leather the most popular? ! "PL-SW SS"


Among perforated leather JKT, it has been the most popular since last year.

The product that seems to have the highest number of reservations this year is the PL-SW SS, which is limited to directly managed stores.

Gray color is a limited edition color of the popular "PL-SW".

The monotone coloring makes it easy to coordinate and looks cool.


*175cm/68kg/wearing size L

In addition to wearing it closed, you can also create a different look by fastening the top with a button.



Try running with this when you want to get bold airflow.


The back is simple and has no pleats,

There is plenty of room for back movement, so the silhouette makes it easy to ride the bike.


Since there are few gray color models, it is predicted that JKT will be the first to disappear this year.

If you have been concerned about this since last year, please consider this as soon as possible.