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Article: Order made 91

Order made 91

Order made 91

SUPECIAL suitable for the client
Introducing the original jacket.

The person who was ordered is also a martial artist
Mr. Seki Uchimura, an administrative scrivener at Uchimura Special Legal Office.

For this design, after two or three meetings,
It was all arranged by Mr. Uchimura.

The body is painted in two colors, glossy steer and minkle wine red.
According to the person himself, the concept is “with an aggressive design.”

Emblem of my favorite car, BOSS HOSS, on the back
Three-dimensional expression with wine red and red with different tones.
The zip uses Excella No. 8 to create a more glaring feeling.

Clean, eliminate the upper collar and use a piping collar.
Equipped with a police belt to tighten the bottom.

The sleeves can be removed with a zip.
When the sleeve is removed, the wine red piping is
It is a specification of commitment that appears.
The shirring of the bellows deployed here and there
It becomes a functional beauty and blends into a dynamic design.

Half-sleeve jacket with upper arm circumference of 46 cm and thick sleeves
Being able to wear this must be a work of a well-trained body...

Minkle's wine red is silver
An order to use the rough part.

Makes the wild stand out.

2014 Fuji Speedway Amfes!

Mr. Uchimura's favorite car BOSS HOSS trike
Nicknamed "Black King"

There is a jinx where it rains when the Black King is dispatched...

No, it was fine weather, and the jinx was repainted wonderfully.
With BOSS HOSS wearing extra thick 560 for drag racing
The jacket must have stood out by the crowd...

Thank you for your order.

Made-to-order specs/original jacket

・Leather / Glossy Steer Black / Minkle Wine Red
・Lining: Super hard twill red
・ZIP/YKK No.8 Excela Nickel
・Dot button / nickel
・ Dealer / KADOYA Tokyo Main Store