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Article: Order made 9

Order made 9

Order made 9

Made-to-order pants requested by customer U

U's original order essence is on the black vintage steering wheel of the main body.
It is packed with details.

The pants look very simple after completion, but the parts necessary for making one piece
You can see the volume.

Pants have a more pronounced local burden due to aging.
Lining cloth, iron tape, riveting, double stitching, backstitching,
The content of the reinforcement will be determined according to the situation at that time.

Small crotch in the center of the front body
The most important and difficult place to work in the pants manufacturing process.
Even with a veteran craftsman who is a senior and has been trained in a hundred battles, "the finish of the pants and
60 to 70% of the wearer's comfort depends on the perfection of the short legs."
It is a difficult place for sewing craftsmen.

The second difficulty is around this hem
Distribute the white line specified by Mr. U to the left and right parallel to the seam of the armpit line
sew in. And a long gusseted zipper is sewn in to hide the bugs.

The density of the parts is high locally, and the thickness of the leather is adjusted to maintain strength.
We pay close attention to ensure that the zipper does not interfere with the sliding feel.

It may look easy when done, but
In fact, just like jacket making, custom-made pants are a series of difficult problems.

Mr. U

Great order Thank you very much.

Made-to-order specs/original pants

・Leather/vintage steer black
・Line/drum die white
・Lining / polyester satin black
・ZIP/YKK, No.7, No.5 Gold
・Dot button, rivet/brass
・ Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store