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Article: Order made 6

Order made 6

Order made 6

This time, we will introduce a model derived from the separate racing suit CLASH KING .
Y-sama's custom order diffusion pants

Modified the details with the original design,
I was able to summarize it neatly.

It is finished in a tasteful gem that makes you feel Y-sama's commitment everywhere.

The gold zip of the ventilation attached to the side and the gold zip of the hem
Make a line on the side.

The zip line looks like chaps, and the gold line tightens the whole.

A pocket that penetrates the pad. It is a gorgeous detail not found in ready-made products.

Suspenders and integral spine pads are added with a detachable function with zip,
A wider range of dressing is now possible.

The shape of the sensor base is the same hexagon as the pad
It has a cross-stitch design.

I do not stop believing that fine ingenuity creates excellent things.

One piece of commitment. We are waiting for a classy order.

Made-to-Order Specs/Diffusion Pants Modified

・Leather/Oil Cow Black
・Lining / polyester mesh black
・ZIP/YKK No.7, No.10 Gold
・ Sewing thread / No. 8 chocolate brown
・ Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store