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Article: Order made 55

Order made 55

Order made 55

This time
We would like to introduce some of the custom-made items we received from customers who visited our Sendai store.

The base is the HF-DEER EARLY SPRINTER .

[Changes from the base model]

・Elimination of the patch pocket on the chest and change to a zip pocket
・ Newly installed hand warmer pockets with zip specifications on the left and right of the waist
・Elimination of hook buttons with flaps on the cuffs, changed to ZIP specifications with wind flaps

to prevent wind from entering
Cinched sleeves with zip
Sleeves can be easily put through by opening and closing.

hand warmer pocket

YKK Excela ZIP
Luxurious gold plating shines.

The zip-out specification is effective as an accent to the simple body.
At the same time, it also has the effect of smoothly sliding the pull of the ZIP.

Cotton sleek is usually used for pocket sacking.
It is made with co-leather that takes advantage of the soft and comfortable texture of deerskin.

You can see the structure of the back of the body without lining at a glance.
The back side is neatly organized visually with the same leather bag.

Leave the outline of the base model as is
By using ZIP on the body and sleeves
It has been modified into a customer's original shirt jacket.

In September, the midsummer heat of over 36 degrees has passed.
The lingering summer heat is likely to continue for some time yet. . .

Just a little more patience.

Around October when humidity and temperature gradually decrease
cooler than now
It must be a comfortable season to put on leather.

Thank you for your order.

Made-to-order specs

・Leather/deerskin dark brown
・ZIP/ YKK Excela W Gold No5,No7
・Thread / 6th thread core spun gray
・ Dealer / KADOYA Sendai store