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Article: Order made 47

Order made 47

Order made 47

I would like to introduce the custom-made jacket that I ordered from you.

Based on the SPEED-TWIN , it can be folded back and fastened with a dot button.
Custom to double breasted.

Black vintage steer leather is used. brown stitch
It enhances the caramel pattern pad even more.

Dot buttons, eyelets, and buckles use brass, and all metal parts are unified in gold.

In the case of riding, the double zipper of the reverse opening type that prevents accumulation around the hem
Adopted on the front.

Breathable mesh fabric is used for the lining.

The bag of the pocket is also red mesh. In addition to storing things
It also has a ventilation function that can be used by opening the zipper.
It seems that the effect can be expected in the coming season.

In winter, it is equipped with a liner vest that can be attached and detached with a coil fastener.

In addition, it comes with a removable mouton collar boa, perfect for cold protection.
The appearance of the base of the collar is also enhanced, and the impression changes completely.

'Full course' of functionality

Completion of a rider's jacket for all seasons.

According to the staff in charge, they were very happy when the product was delivered.
I heard that you just put it on and went home.

While there are few opportunities to contact customers directly, I work hard every day to make leather jackets.
It's great to hear stories like this.

And what you can see from this photo...
And so on, I imagine.

Thank you for your order.

Made-to-order spec/SPEED-TWIN base

・Leather/vintage steer ・black
・Lining/polyester mesh ・Red
・ZIP/YKK No10・No7 Gold
・ Collar boa / mouton brown
・Liner/polyester satin quilting ・Red
・Thread/Polyester No. 8 ・Light brown
・ Dealer / KADOYA Tokyo Main Store