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Article: Order made 4

Order made 4

Order made 4

SL-S1 , SL-S2, SL-W1 ,
Kadoya HEAD FACTORY This is a made-to-order jacket that combines 3 ready-made models for women.

The base is SL-S1 single riders.
From there, we will make small adjustments according to the needs of our customers.

The stand collar is a shirt collar.
Add a belt around the waist.
The hand warmers and zip cuffs are finished to show the bug.
Details of SL-S2 and SL-W1 respectively.

The waist belt has a relaxed fit in the riding position,
It is attached to show the waist line.

A round, small, nickel-plated waist belt buckle, pockets and sleeves with aluminum zips,
The exposure of these metal parts is like accessories worn on the body,
Shines in black vintage steer leather.

An original jacket can be created not only by matching the size, but also by changing the design details.
This is one of the real pleasures of custom-made products.
This is the second focus of our customers, and they know about it.

And the ultimate is the horseshoe pattern sewn on the waist part of the back.
The combination of three layers of leather and small studs is exquisite!
Although the size is 10 cm square, the three-dimensional effect, presence, and customer's imagination are wonderful.

I want to touch this pattern a little more,
The story is in the column "HORSESHOE GROOVE" of the craftsman who finished the jacket.

Made-to-order spec/SL-S1 base

・Leather/vintage steer black
・Lining / super hard twill black
・ZIP/YKK No.5, No.10 Aluminum
・Nickel plating with buckle/15mm pin
・Pattern: Glory Silver, Minkle Gray, Vintage Steer Black
・ Collar boa / Mouton
・ Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store