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Article: Order made 161

Order made 161

Order made 161

This is a made-to-order jacket based on "N-1" made at the request of Mr. Y.

There is no change in the silhouette from the ready-made product, only the parts have been changed, so the order category is "select order".

This is the first N-1 base order of the season.

The rain has settled down nationwide, and it's getting cooler and cooler. It's the perfect model for the coming season.

You will have to wait for a little while until the custom-made order is completed, so if you are considering it, please do so as soon as possible!

This time, the mouton of the collar boa and the stitches are unified in black.

The zipper is the same as the genuine one, commonly known as "Universal", and the color has been changed to silver plating and black tape.

It's a chic N-1 with monotone specifications.

Popular "N-1" again this year

This is an early pair that anticipates the season!

Thank you for your request, Mr. Y.