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Article: Order made 156

Order made 156

Order made 156

This is a made-to-order jacket based on "SPEED-TWIN0" made at the request of Mr. M.

It has been changed from goatskin to deerskin, and everything from the zipper to the thread color is finished in the specified color scheme. Since the sleeve length has been slightly changed, it will be "custom order 1".

M-sama's original letter is sewn on the chest.


As long as I'm happy.

Head Factory's hidden gem is the technology of "lettering" cultivated through the production of racing suits.

It is quite difficult to express characters with a soft texture like the deerskin this time, but it creates an irreplaceable atmosphere.

The cuffs, side vents, and zipper color have been changed to give it a nice accent.

The lining is quilted with champagne gold satin.

The suppleness of the deerskin and the satin fabric with padding are excellent, and the dull texture of the injection zipper also plays a role in the overall balance.

Dear M, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, thank you very much!