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Article: Order Made 151

Order made 151

Order Made 151

This is a made-to-order jacket based on the "AS-2VS" made at the request of Mr. H.

Since the silhouette has been slightly changed from the ready-made product, the order category is "Custom Order 1".

For custom orders, the range of sizes that can be changed is determined by ranks 1, 2, and 3, but materials can be freely selected for any rank.


This time, all metal components have been changed to antique gold.


With the change of the buckle, the belt width is also designed to be slightly thinner.


Eliminate the hidden zipper of the hand warmer and make it easier to use everyday.


The front zipper has been changed to a double slider specification that opens from the bottom.

The left chest pocket, which is standard equipment in ready-made products, has also been removed, and the original simple AS-2VS has been further scraped to create an elegant and mature finish.

Mr. H, thank you very much!