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Article: Order Made 146

Order made 146

Order Made 146

I got it from Mr. K to introduce this time

Order for a custom-made racing suit.

The material is Minkle leather, which we have been dealing with for a long time.

The thickness of the thick leather tanned with full chrome is 1.6mm.

It is familiar with the body from the beginning and has sufficient strength.

This leather has a proven track record as an MFJ official leather.

K's favorite car is Kawasaki Z1000 MkII

In May of this year, it was refurbished for the drag race held at Fukushima Sky Park.

Participating in the air-cooled four-cylinder Vintage Super Bike class.

The engine, settings, and suspension are all customized for drag racing with 128 horsepower!

We are looking forward to Mr. K's hot run.