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Article: Order Made 144

Order made 144

Order Made 144

I would like to introduce a made-to-order jacket made by Mr. Kojima's request from the head office in Tokyo.

Based on BRMJ, body leather has been changed to HF goat.

The fine texture of the goat gives off a different charm from ready-made products.

The brass snap button is a perfect accent and decorates the collar of the jacket.

The lining is red satin.

Even if the jacket is the same shape and made in the same way, the lining color that you can see at a glance is just a gorgeous red, and the impression may change at once.

The color of the lining is also a point that makes your personality stand out.

Mr. Kojima says that he has been running on the mountain pass almost every week since he got a customized Z.

Leather jacket on Z.

It's the coolness of the iron plate!

It was good to be in time for the touring next weekend.

It's great that you liked it.

Thank you very much!