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Article: Order made 133

Order made 133

Order made 133

This is a BRMJ-based custom-made jacket requested by Sendai shop S.

The color has been changed to wine red, and only the windbreak part is colored yellow.

It is a unique piece.

Recently, there has been a rapid increase in custom orders based on the BRMJ.

Although it is a model with pads on the shoulders and elbows, the BRMJ, which has a simple overall structure, may ignite your imagination.

As long as you can choose a ready-made lineup model as the base of your order.

Here is the meaning of yellow that Mr. S used as an accent this time…

Kenny Roberts! !

Coordinating with Arai helmet Kenny Roberts specification that Mr. S loves.

The red color of the main body is a matching color with Mr. S's favorite car, KATANA! It's good, it's freedom.

Thank you again for your request! !

・Leather/Minkle Wine Red ・Yellow ・Lining/Super Hard Twill ・Navy ・ZIP/YKK No10 No5 Nickel