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Article: Order made 131

Order made 131

Order made 131

This time, we would like to introduce a BRMJ-based custom-made product ordered by Mr. H, Osaka store.

The main body leather is oil soft steer, and the shoulder and elbow pads are made with minkle roughouts for a unique look.

While unifying the overall color to black, "black" stands out even more by combining different materials.

The 1.8 mm thick leather creates unevenness and the shadows of the stitches that bite into it create a powerful atmosphere.

Despite just wearing it on the torso, it looks as if it is already in a quiet battle stance.

It's a cool piece that reminds you of the owner even before you put it on.

Thank you Mr. H!

・Leather/Oil Soft Steer ・Minkle Black ・Lining/Super Hard Twill Black ・ZIP/YKK No10. No5