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Article: Order made 121

Order made 121

Order made 121

This time, we received a request from GEORGE, a customer of the Osaka store.
Introducing the order jacket.

Stately appearance
It's powerful.

The order is based on

The main changes from the base off-the-shelf model are

・Leather quality change/from vintage steer to 1.8mm thick matte steer
・Detachable collar boa/coyote fur
・Removable liner/acrylic bore
・A coin pocket is added to the front abdomen.
・From a dihedral structure of the front body and back body to a trihedral structure with the addition of flank parts.
・Flap-type braided cord function is provided on the flanks, making it possible to adjust the width of the body.
・Overall pattern adjustment to specialize in riding wear and provide cold protection function

And so on.

The lining is designed to be worn in the middle of winter.
A detachable liner is provided with a coil zip.
Due to the dense and well-ordered pile
I secure an air layer well and raise winterization.

On the obi on the hem
A D-ring is provided so that the key holder can be hung temporarily.

The purpose of using the coin pocket with flap on the abdomen is
It's meant to hold a pocket watch.
The back of the flap has a D-ring for hanging a watch chain.

By the flap type braided string installed on the side part
It corresponds to the change of body width size by attaching and detaching the liner.

At Head Factory, customers can choose
We offer a wide variety of leather
[1.8mm thick matte steer] is the thickest
It is a robust leather with firm firmness and stiffness.

Although it is not a leather that fits smoothly from the beginning of wearing
By wearing it for many years, it will fit and become familiar with the customer's body.
In addition, it is difficult to lose its shape, and the strength and weakness of the leather are noticeable.
Horse mackerel peculiar to thick leather will come out.

This customer
I heard that there are plans to use it for long-distance commuting.

Although the vehicle on board is an American model,
From the frame shape, the distance from the seat to the stem, the handlebar shape, etc.
Because the upper body is like a forward leaning posture of a road bike
The athletic performance of the jacket was required.

Assuming daily life work
Including pattern making considering riding posture
Equipped with cold protection function mainly in the middle of winter
The customer's originality is strongly reflected in the detailed specifications.
Clear purpose of use and customer's passion
We have been able to convey it firmly to our creators.


Order of this time
Thank you very much.

・Made to Order Spec / AW-P VS Full Order
・Leather / 1.8mm thick matte steer (black)
・ Collar / Coyote
・Lining / Super hard twill quilting (red)
・Liner/acrylic bore (brown)
・ZIP / YKK No.7, No.10 (gold)
・Dot button / brass
・ Dealer / Kadoya Osaka store